About us

We are strategic partners to world's leading equipment manufacturers and well reputed solution and service providers with excellent geographic presence

Axon Health care Systems is an firm exclusively dealing with the Retail industry.

Nobody understands Real Talent requirements better, than a Retailer. With over two decades of experience in managing various formats of Health care Systems in hospitals. Axon Health care Systems understands the micro needs and requirements of all medical solutions in the industry. We also has an excellent personal network of talent in the Medical industry.

Finding the right Axon Health care Systems candidate can be time consuming, difficult and expensive. You have to identify where your potential candidates are, as even advertising cannot guarantee any tangible success. Hence, it is advisable that you take professional assistance from industry , who have hand-on exposure & expertise on retail recruitments & Placements.

Our Range of Products

  • Flow Generator System

    Flow Generator System

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    Electro-hydraulic active suspension

  • Rehabilitation Devices

    Rehabilitation Devices

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    Diagnosis and Treatment of Vascular Anomalies, Stenoses and Occlusions

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    Doppler Technology with a Color Doppler Imaging

  • STIMPOD NMS410 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

    STIMPOD NMS410 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

  • URF-3AP Lesion Generator with Multilesion Adapter

    URF-3AP Lesion Generator with Multilesion Adapter

  • EtCO2 Monitoring

    EtCO2 Monitoring