Balance Systems

GeaHD is the most complete dynamic active platform available on the market.

It is an innovative and sophisticated tool for proprioceptive, neuromuscular and in balance rehabilitation.

Thanks to its versatility geaHD is recommended for all ages and levels of physical condition.

Progressive levels can be used for its activation, allowing its use from the first rehabilitation phase to the constant improvement of athletic performance.

The platform can be used in static, passive and active mode, both in monopodalic and bipo-dalic ways. geaHD has a data acquisition system and open trigger, that allows to add new functions for the clinical research.

From the BALANCE TRAINING PRO command console you can set four specific exercises, with seven levels of intensity. The four exercises are aimed to: recover basic stability, vestibular rehabilitation, proprioceptive rehabilitation, mobility recover of ankles and hips.

Technical Characteristics

Electro-hydraulic active suspension.

Dynamic activation not correlated to the patient’s weight: latero-lateral, anterior-posterior.

Detection system of the centre of pressure based on four load cells 100kg f.s.

Automatic blocking of the platform for the static test Maximum load: 136kg

Mechanical Frame made of high-strength steel laser cut

Compact and robust platform, easy to install Size: W 65 x D 50 x 18 h cm Weight: 50 kg Compressed air: max. 2 bars.