eHIT USB - video Head Impuls Test (vHIT)

The beginning of the 20th century clinically introduced by Bárány the bithermal examination has long been the main method of side depended evaluation of the function of the horizontal semicircular canals. In 1988 Halmagyi and Curthoys first time described the so called head impulse test. The development this method to video head impulse test now enables the visualization of vestibuloocular reflex (VOR) and thus an objectification of disorders of all three semicircular canals each side.Now, vHIT become the golden standard for testing the 6 semicircular canals.


  • improved signal to noise ratio
  • advanced image processing
  • image adjustment
  • real 100 Hz video recording
  • slow motion view of each impulse
  • 800 Hz position measurement
  • anti slipping mask
  • easy to use
  • footswitch controllable
  • only one USB connector 
  • one mask for all tests (vHIT,VNG,SVV,Posturography)
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