Magnetic Aligner Disc

Rehabilitation and training with Inimove

Rehabilitation and home training aims at improving and/or regaining the functions that were reduced or lost with the brain injury. The Inimove equipment provides joyful rehabilitation and trains important functions that will increase your quality of life. Rehabilitation is all about regaining control and to be as independent as possible – socially, practically and economically.

The most common causes of brain injury is stroke, blood clots in the brain, traffic- or drowning accidents, tumors or cardiac arrest with subsequent lack of oxygen to the brain; but may also be due to a inflammation of the brain due to vira.

Whether you are strongly affected by your brain injury, or even suffers non-visible damage, exercising will help you. The higher number of discs, the heavier and more complex the training gets.

With the training equipment
you can do:

  • Memory training
  • Balance exercises
  • Stability training
  • Coordination training
  • Cognitive Brain workout
  • Eye training
  • Fine motor exercises
  • Rehabilitation of hand
  • Rehabilitation of arm
  • Rehabilitation of shoulder

The benefits from using Inimove:

  • The unpredictable movements makes exercising fun, challenging and motivating
  • The severity, and type of exercises, can be adapted according to condition and skills
  • A competitive element is added to the training
  • Creates joy and interaction
  • Can easily be used at home
  • Perfect activity for kids
  • The device is not electronic
  • Inimove signals fun and training rather than illness